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Quality Policy
Quality is always the cornerstone of GW Instek products

ISO9001 ISO14001    

ISO 14001 Environmental Management  

 Abide by the government regulations and other requirements on environmental considerations signed by organizations.
 Achieve the purpose of effective utilization on resources and reducing waste via reducing, recycling and reusing resources.
 Meet the principle of assuring product quality by selecting low polluted raw materials and packing materials.
 Continue to promote pollution prevention and reduce impact on environment.
 Apply related activities of ISO 9001 quality management to elevate environment management performance.
 Continue to educate all employees of the company and staffers representing the organization on environmental protection so as to strengthen environmental protection awareness.
Develop green products to meet customers’ requirements on environmental protection.
Environmental protection includes the prevention of pollution and other directly related and specific commitments (such as sustainable utilization on resources) from the entire organizational process.


ISO 9001 : Quality management systems (Taiwan Factory & Suzhou Factory)

Electricity Calibration Laboratory

The CNLA certified calibration lab maintains its environment under the condition of a temperature of 23±2°C degrees and a humidity of 45±15% to ensure calibration standards.


 2009 - The Group Quality Award of Business Excellence Performance Model from the Chinese Society for Quality was granted.
 1999 - Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. delivered its Initial Public Offer on Taiwan’s Over-The-Counter Security Exchange (OTC).
 1994 – Granted National Small and Medium Enterprise Award.
 1993 - Granted the Industrial Technology Advancement Award of Distinction.