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The test solution of Energy Storage Device(Link View)
The Automatic charging and discharging test of Energy Storage Device

GW Instek introduces LinkVIeW software to allow users to quickly set test instruments for the operation of charging and discharging tests on battery and super capacitor, etc. Users can define charging and discharging procedures to automatically execute procedures so as to obtain measurement results. History graphs are available and they can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


  • Long Term Power Monitoring of I, V, P(W)
  • Create/define operation sequence for controlling Source/Load behavior.
  • Simultaneously run test sequence of each channel and data logging
  • Data Analyzer:
    • VIeW chart: support Zoom In/Tracking of Samples
    • VIeW table: summaries testing result for VIeW and also each step including Voltage/Current/Power/VMax/Imax/PMax/AmpHour
  • Live Data Monitoring:
    • VIeW: Self-defined display range/offset adjustable
    • Controllable displayed curve
Charging and discharging connection diagram

Power supply/load settingCharging and discharging procedure editing
Measurement and analysis displays (Support Zoom in and measurement tracking)

Data Analyze/ Point and View/ Zoom-In/ Zoom Out/ Mnemonics display of testing steps/ Testing parameter VIeW display of each step



Support up to 12 channels/pattern.

Support up to 100 patterns (sequence).

Sequence steps: 1000 steps

Minimum record period: 1s.

Maximum step time: 100 Min.

Maximum repeat cycles: 65535 cycles.

Output w/ CSV file.



Programmable DC-Power supply: PSU/PSW/PSB series

Programmable DC-Load: PEL-2000/PEL-3000 series

List of supporting LinkVIew
PSW-SeriesMulti-Range Switching D.C. Power Supply 
PSU-SeriesProgrammable Switching D.C. Power Supply
PSB-2000 SeriesMulti-Range Switching D.C. Power Supply
PEL-3000 SeriesHigh Power Programmable D.C. Electronic Load
PEL-3000E SeriesSingle Channel Programmable D.C. Electronic Load
PEL-2000A SeriesMulti-Channel Programmable D.C. Electronic Load
LinkVIeW Application software(Free of Charge)


LinkVIeW Software manualDownload